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HONGYANG GROUP Syrian Arab Republic Technical Center , Discuss Technical Problem , Suply After Service Online of Fuel Dispenser, Please Regist Firstly




China Hongyang Group, is an integrated enterprise with the research & development, production and marketing of Fuel Dispenser and related accessories as well as service station concerning equipments. It concentrates on the relative manufacture & services of filling station such as Hongyang tax control Fuel dispenser, IC Card fuel dispenser, manage system of network for stations, submerge pump and liquid level devise. China Hongyang Group, designed supplier of SinoPec and PetrolChina, our HONGYANG products have been sold to over 50 countries in South-east Asia, Mid-east, Africa, Europe and well received in their markets.

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    safety. The design of filling station should be accorded with GB 50156-2002 Design and construction regulation of vehicle filling station, fuel dispensers�installation position and distance with building should abide with the relative stipulation fuel dispenser in GBJ16-87 Fireproof regulation of Construction Design. Installation and debugging of fuel dispenser are part of filling station business, and affect the normal business and safety of station, which is important sector in preventing accident of filling station. Due to many models of fuel dispenser exist in domestic market, this chapter only introduce general technology and important notices about installation and debugging of common fuel dispenser. Thereby, the relevant fuel dispenser staff also consult User’s handbook to install and debug fuel dispenser. Article I Installation Check and accept after open packing Check certificate of quality and operation instruction Inspect whether exist damaged parts or loose connecting point Check nameplates of fuel dispenser sand explosion-proof motor. Inspect accessories and spare parts whether accord with specs, model and quantity. Fixation of fuel dispenser Fuel dispenser should be installed under awning where preventing rain and sunlight in every season as operation. The height of awning is convenient to entry and exit of large vehicle. Fuel dispenser should be installed on the safety island. There are two reasons for doing that. One is to avoid collision between fuel dispenser and vehicle. The other is to promote the environmental security of fuel dispensers. Being higher than ground, vapor density at the bottom of fuel dispenser is thinner than that of ground, benefiting enhance explosion-proof performance. Fuel dispenser’s pedestal should be installed on the special concrete base, fixed by the ground bolt or expansion bolt. Diagram 7-1 shows the pedestal installation dr fuel dispenser awing of fuel dispenser. Diagram 5-1: Pedestal installation drawing These pipes of delivery (φ38mm), lead, signal and grounding should be

technical specification

    LOSED.   This action will involve dealing with the proprietary FP being CLOSED but having   its nozzle removed.   Action: The FP receives a Close_FP command.   fuel dispenser Action : The FP state change is send as an unsolicited data array   FP_Status_Message .  FP31_2.23 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL March 2006   DISPENSER APPLICATION   Page: 44   MAJOR-ERROR If a major error event occurs the FP moves into the INOPERATIVE state.   If a zero transaction is required (dic fuel dispenser tated by the contents of the data element   ZeroTR_Mode ) the transaction with a zero value must be stored in the transaction   buffer.   PCD Comment:   When the PCD detects a major error with the proprietary FP or with itself it must   change the IFSF FP status to INOPERATIVE.   Action : The FP sends the unsolicited data FP_Error_Type_Mes .   The FP state change is send as an unsolicited data array   FP_Status_Message .   MINOR-ERROR If a minor error event occurs the FP does not change the state.   PCD Comment:   When the PCD detects a minor error with the proprietary FP or with itself it must   leave the IFSF FP status as STARTED and generate the respective IFSF error   message.   Action : The FP sends the unsolicited data FP_Error_Type_Mes .  March 2006 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL FP31_2.23   fuel dispenser DISPENSER APPLICATION  

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we are committed to create the best workplace, encourage our staffs to put their own personalities into their jobs, and provide them a stage to show themselves.

    se of new hotels. Whatever significance this has for the cities themselves (and it may be noteworthy, at least for Pittsburgh) it has more for America s financial system. The owners will include two big banks, PNC (once known as Pittsburgh Nati fuel dispenser onal Bank) and Bank of America (née North Carolina National Bank). The projects, approved last month by the Comptroller of the Currency, a national bank regulator, seemingly fly in the face of restrictions on investment in property dating back to the charter written in 1791 for the First Bank of the United States by Alexander Hamilton, America s first treasury secretary. Hamilton s concerns were hardly unique. They were shared by, among others, Walter Bagehot, editor of fuel dispenser this newspaper from 1861 to 1877, and have not been extinguished to this day. Loans and other financial assets, after all, can be blended with other loans and assets to permit diversification. They can usually be sold on fairly easily, either in bits or their entirety. And even “long-term�loans, at least those held by banks, tend to last for only a few years. Conversely, property comes in lumps and can be hard to unload in a slump. Because American banks can raise money cheaply through federally insured deposits, there has always been a concern that by directly owning any kind of business, they could help inflate a bubble. That, along with the justified concern that crippled banks can trigger systemic problems, has resulted in limits being placed on their permissible activities. Even as, in recent years, lines have softened between banking, investment banking and insurance, general commerce has largely been off limits. In response to these reservations, both PNC and Bank of America note that the restrictions have never been absolute. Banks have owned their branches and operational facilities, and prevailed in litigation permitting them fuel dispenser to rent out surplus space and receive property pledged as collateral after a default. If this were not so, banking would be a vastly more comp